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Below you will find some interesting links
that might help in learning more about the extraordinary Raquel Meller, the musical genre she helped define and the times she lived.

Javier Barreiro's blog

Includes several articles on Raquel Meller
and other artists. Mr. Barreiro, an authority on Meller, contributes great information on his blog about Spain´s history and culture.

In Spanish
Find a grave

A virtual visit to Raquel Meller's grave where you can even leave virtual flowers and a message.

In English
Olga María Ramos
Del cuplé a la revista

Marvelous blog celebrating the great cuplé artist, exquisitely designed by Mar Buelga
and terrific images by Llaneza Photo-Madrid.
A must for Olga María fans and followers of
the  cuplé genre and stage musicals.
In Spanish
Mar Buelga´s blog

You´ll find a striking universe of colorful visuals,  sensibility and fascinating information on this blog by illustrator María del Mar Buelga
One of Spain´s top web designers.

In Spanish

The most complete data base about world cinema

In English

An excellent source of Raquel Meller music and videosas  well of other artists

In English & Spanish
and other cuplé belles

Lots of info and pics about cuplé artists and
the good old belle epoque!

In Spanish

Raquel Meller y Tarazona

Information on  the "Caracteres Ocultos" blog.

In Spanish

"El Relicario"
Written by José Padilla
Made famous by Raquel Meller
Played by the Coppell Middle School North Band, Coppell, Texas

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