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The Paintings...

Raquel poses for painter Carlos Vázquez wearing
"El Relicario" outfit. The finished work is one of the most celebrated portraits by the painter.

The exquisite "El Relicario"
by Carlos Vázquez
Carlos Vázquez painting Raquel in his studio to promote her song "Diguili que vingui."  The artist painted Raquel many times using her songs as inspiration. In the background you can see the beatiful "Flor de té" painting.
Raquel striking in "Diguili que vingui"
by Carlos Vázquez
An early painting by Carlos Vázquez
Raquel in "Mala Entraña" a 1917 portrait
by Carlos Vázquez
This portrait by Martín León was used in a magazine cover
Raquel in "El Relicario"
by Julio Romero de Torres

The famous Joaquín Sorolla masterpiece

Raquel captured in this 1947 sketch by painter and sculptor Eusebio Sampere
A José Hernández Quero rendition.
On this ocassion, Carlos Vázquez paints Raquel as "La Lechera del Cuento" (The Milkmaid)


A line of beauty products recommended by Raquel Meller

Raquel Meller endorses proudly Valencia oranges
Raquel is featured in this ad for Sommiers, a mattress manufacturer!
Simon Chocolates
Raquel Meller : the Puzzle!

Amatller Chocolates
Raquel's "Violettes Impériales" doll

Raquel´s doll as Violet in different outfit

Amatller Chocolates

Raquel Meller violet perfume by
Roditi et Fils came in a specially designed
Lalique crystal bottle.

Raquel Meller soap tray

Raquel's "Carmen" doll

Another beautiful outfit

More chocolates...

Another chocolate card

Lalique catalog showing the
Raquel Meller bottle collection

The perfume in an exquisite spray bottle  

From the Lendi collection

Raquel´s doll from a different angle

From the Raquel Meller fan collection...

Raquel pushes Peele, a line of products for the skin sold at drug stores.

Another Lalique crystal bottle from the Raquel Meller perfume collection


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